Frequently Asked Questions

How do I set up an appointment?

  • Simplest way is to call during business hours Mon.-Fri. 9a-5p. 207-314-1404. When we talk I will collect some basic demographic information, your insurance information, and try to get to know understand your needs and or situation a little better. Insurance verification usually only takes about 24-48hours. I look forward to hearing from you :)

What insurances do you take and how much does it cost?

  • I work with most major insurances with the exception of Medicaid. Payments and co-pays are collected on the day of service. Each insurance plan is different and I will work with you to understand benefits and verification.

  • For high deductible insurance plans I offer a competitive self-pay rate that often saves you money over the course of treatment. You can also send receipts to your insurance provider for re-reimbursement and your records.

What if I'm feeling nervous or unsure about counseling?

  • Great question. I strive to provide a safe, compassionate, and welcoming environment. It is "laid back" in the sense that you will find a casual setting (no ties or fancy clothing/jewlery, oversized outdated desks or furniture etc.). I am an excellent listener, have a great sense of humor, and have sat with a lot of people's stories. You can expect a professional who focuses on your strengths, treats you individually with dignity and respect, and will help you develop modern practical approaches to you needs.

What are sessions like?

  • The first session can take up to 2 hours where we cover your rights, HIPAA privacy, and terms of service. However the majority will be spent on getting to understand your needs, how to be helpful, and developing trust and rapport. Afterwards typical sessions last 45-60mins. and we will work on specific goals tailored to you. Providing a safe, productive, and meaningful service to you is my highest priority.

Is there Paperwork?

  • Yes. However it is brief, meets your insurance requirements, and tracks our work. Every 90 days we will review your progress and obtain a signature to verify treatment.

I don't have/or wish to go through insurance.  Do you have a self-pay option or sliding fee scale?

  • I offer a self-pay option that is the same pricing as high deductible plans for fairness and continuity across client services.